The Birth of Baby Brookes


I have wanted to photograph a birth for quite some time now. I have always looked at incredible birthing images and felt an intense sense of empowerment. It brought back memories of my own births, those of which I wish I had preserved in photographs to look back on. Unfortunately back then I didn’t understand how quickly those memories begin to fade and only have mostly blurry and unflattering images of this time.

When I launched the Kindred Collection I voiced to a friend of mine, Cass, that I would someday love to photograph a birth, to which she promised me “next time I have a baby you can totally shoot mine!”. A few months later she announced her pregnancy and asked me if I can be there throughout her labour to document this time for her and her husband, Matt.

As the time grew nearer, I became increasingly excited. I could not wait! The day finally came when I got the call, she was going in the next morning to be induced. The next day I made my way up to the Gold Coast University Hospital before they started the induction, this was her third baby and her last two were quite quick births so I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss it. Once the labour got started it progressed quite quickly. It was such an amazing thing to witness. The moment that Brookes entered the world I felt an incredible wave of emotion and found myself in tears behind the camera. From that moment onwards I am obsessed.